A Winter Rebellion

Winter is coming in Boston, my friends.

Oh is winter coming.

But it seems a bit different this year. For the first time in my many winters in Boston, I have heard people citing the Farmers Almanac. Hovered over the proverbial water cooler with coworkers we discuss the predictions for this year. Walking down the sidewalks we hear snippets of passerby’s strained light hearted assertions. Rolling over in bed we hear our partners mumbling to themselves deep in sleep.

Colder but less snow.

More snow but milder temps.

It’s never quite the same prediction but there is always a hopeful twist.

Any time the conversation turns to weather these days, which it inevitably so often does in Boston, the Farmers Almanac has not been far behind.

Bostonians are tough. Boston strong. You know the deal. If you are from here, you wear it on your sleeve with pride, alongside your reckless disregard for weather. If you are not from here and you have ever encountered a Bostonian, well then you probably know what I am talking about.

But this Farmers Almanac.

It keeps popping up.

After last winter, things aren’t quite right. If you can’t remember, mother nature sort of rocked Boston with record levels of snow, 4 winter storms in as many weeks and a record number of “cold days” staying in the low twenties and below for….more days in a row than I care to mention. Its 28 for you sticklers, making it the second coldest February in Boston history.

Enter the Farmers Almanac.

Do I sense cracks in the hearty Boston facade? Feeling a bit beaten down by last year? Suddenly a bit hesitant to make jokes about all the other wussy cities that have no idea how to drive in the snow and shut down at a mere dusting? Has a new little voice appeared back there, quietly contradicting our true Boston voice?

We Bostonians have a knack for shouting pretty loudly about just how tough we are. Because, well, we are. But, what about that new little voice that suggests we look at the Farmers Almanac…you know…just to be sure? For once, some of us seem to need a crutch to help face the coming winter with our famous Boston aggression.

It’s ok.

You’re not alone.

There are others out there. Others that have heard talk of the predictions. Secretly burying that information into their core. Gently comforting their terrified inner child with whispers of a milder winter. Last year, we were beaten and broken and abused. This year will be different. This year MUST be different. Afterall, the Farmers Almanac says so. Right?

Which is how I ended up here.

I don’t put much stock into the Farmers Almanac. A bunch of malarky if you ask me. So, I need another defense mechanism. A bit of body armor. A bullet proof vest perhaps.

Because if this winter is anything like last year, its going to be a dooooozy.

And I thought to myself, maybe some other people out there might need help rebelling against Boston winter as well. So come with me as I journey through stories, memories, recommendations, and the happy mishaps of life abroad. Winter cannot shutter the joy of 20 countries, 4 continents, and new tastes around every corner. Fighting ice, snow, and frigid temps with warm thoughts, sun burnt tales, and spicy recipes.

Welcome to this one girl rebellion against Boston winter.


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