An Ode to my Passport

It’s fitting that my new passport should arrive today, the day I begin my journey back.

Back through missed bus connections and friendly strangers, muddy elephants and insignificant moments of enlightenment. Back through rainy skies and sunny dispositions. Back through months with no internet, months with no email, months with no Two Dots or Facebook or Google Maps.


And back through a passport well worn.

A passport of extra pages. Extra pages and all my love.

A passport that was, for a period of time, my most valuable possession.* That is, until I finally came home, as much as I will ever really come home, at which point it was discarded into a file folder in a drawer and forgotten.

Forgotten save for the bit of my core that it changed forever and is with it always.

This new passport feels foreign. The bottom right corner no longer peels up from countless times being shoved into my back pocket after security. The red Virgin Atlantic screening sticker is no longer rubbing off the back where it was haphazardly stuck and never removed. The binding doesn’t bulge from the extra pages that were added after my first attempt at returning home. The contents no longer scream with colorful stamps and visas. And the pages no longer tell the story of my life.

For now at least.

We start with the passport because that is where the journey truly begins. It was my second passport. The first showed a bright eyed 9 year old about to set off on her first international journey. The first had a few stamps and offered the kindling to ignite a fiery fascination for wanderlust, world traveling, and all things different. All things unique. All things so very much unlike myself.

Then came the second passport.

I am not sure I will ever be able to do the second passport justice. But I will try I tell you, I will try.

It was just so FULL.

Full beyond belief. Stuffed with memories and love and tears and timezones.

This post is supposed to be about South Africa but I felt the package in today’s mail merited an homage to my favorite traveling companion. PLUS, don’t you want to know whats coming? Don’t you want to know all of the wonderful places we are visiting on this Winter Rebellion?

So, without further ado, join me as we travel to:

  1. South Africa
  2. Namibia
  3. Botswana
  4. Zambia
  5. Tanzania
  6. Kenya
  7. A BONUS NEW COUNTRY (I obviously got my passport replaced for a reason….)
  8. Seychelles
  9. Thailand
  10. Cambodia
  11. Vietnam
  12. Bali
  13. England
  14. Germany
  15. Switzerland
  16. Italy
  17. France
  18. Honduras
  19. Wales
  20. Ireland

We will also take breaks to revisit countries and explore travel related ideas, as they arise, including:

  1. Women of the World, in honor of International Women’s Day
  2. Reading on the Road

Think this sounds rad? Totally bored? Thinking of visiting one of these countries and need advice? Want me to write about something different? I am all ears!

Come talk about international friendships, hiking the second tallest waterfall in the world (some would argue its the tallest but, hey, who’s counting!), and one woman wandering up one of the new 7 wonders of nature in South Africa, same time next week…


* Many may argue that a US passport is ALWAYS a most valuable possession, but that is for another time and place.


6 thoughts on “An Ode to my Passport

  1. They no longer issue passports with extra pages…which is kind of annoying for those of us who travel regularly. Also, lots of countries no longer even stamp them – when I was in Australia last month my visa was an electronic visa so I went through an automated customs desk and no one looked at or stamped my passport – not when I arrived or departed! Sad face!! =(


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