Winter is coming.

Let the daydreaming begin.

I am here in the hopes of fighting off the doom and gloom that inevitably settle over those cities far enough north to feel the bite of arctic blasts. Revisiting 3 years and 4 continents worth of adventures, I am blogging my way through 6 moleskin journals, over 16,000 photos, and countless memories. The internet living on small islands and out of a smaller backpack prevented live blogging so we are going for it now with a little more chance for reflection!

Check back every Tuesday for a new blog about a new country from the deserts of Namibia to the desserts of Paris. Follow me through Africa, Asia, and Europe while we visit 19 countries, and maybe a few more for good measure. Fighting ice, snow, and frigid temps with warm thoughts, sun burnt tales, and spicy recipes.

Come escape winter with me!